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Chattanooga, TN — 10/18/23 Members have now begun to receive their Perfect Home carpet displays. Perfect Home is Alliance Flooring’s new selling solution and technology platform which debuted at the group’s 2023 convention in Austin, TX.

Kevin Logue, co-President and CEO of Alliance Flooring, said, “The carpet, which is Phase 1A of Perfect Home, has now launched successfully. This is an entirely new direction for the company. It’s an innovative program and we’re passionate about it. We achieved our goal of shipping out the Perfect Home carpet samples and displays before our Showcase at Barnsley Resort.” The group held a Perfect Home Showcase for the first 50 dealers who took on the new program to show their appreciation, train and allow members to review potential products to include from hard surface suppliers.

Logue continued, “We had a dedicated team of people who worked very hard to make this launch, including the shipping, as smooth as possible. We expect the Perfect Home selling solution and technology platform to be around for, at the very least, the next 10 years.”