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CarpetsPlus COLORTILE provides independent retailers professional tools to grow a successful floor covering business.


Joining our group will improve your bottom line and we will help you every step of the way from setup forward. Explore our site for more details or call us at 800-261-6456.

Maintain Your Independence

Entrepreneurs are innovative, determined and proud. The last thing they want is someone that comes into their business and starts telling them what to do. They also crave learning, value networking and are passionate about improving. Our group protects all of this.

Keep Your Showroom Up-to-Date

With CarpetsPlus, your showroom will always be up-to-date with the latest, on-trend product mix in both carpet and hard surface. We also save you time and money by streamlining the buying process for you every year. We review all the new products in the industry from our key suppliers and curate unique product assortments that provide value and exclusivity in your particular marketplace.

Supplier Relationships That Benefit You

Take advantage of our relationships with key suppliers. Network with executive management from all the major mills.

Price Increase Extensions

Enjoy group-wide extensions on price increases to save money. While others are paying more, you’ll be paying less.

Network With Other Store Owners

Network with other store owners willing to share their insider secrets, operations ideas and best practices. There’s no question you can’t ask another member they wouldn’t be willing to answer.

Private Labeled Merchandising

We provide a complete showroom makeover with our consistent, private labeled, designer merchandising in carpet and hard surface. We can put together a best-of-the-best merchandising package with ‘Go-To specials’ as well as cut order products. Remember, it’s always up to you what programs you bring in.

Streamline Operations

Review Best Practices and Proven Ways involving showroom layout, department management, sales, marketing and promotion, warehouse operations, measuring and installation.

Lower Operating Expenses & Cost of Goods

Lower your operating expenses through networking best practices with like-minded entrepreneurs, and lower your overall cost of goods sold with group pricing discounts. CarpetsPlus members typically increase profits the first year of membership.

Interested in Joining Our Family?

Joining our group will improve you personally and your bottom line. Find out more by clicking the button below or call us at 770-528-0222.


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CarpetsPlus COLORTILE has the strength of a big buying group but feels like a family. We have grown exponentially since joining the group. They helped us revolutionize our business!

DanSmiddy’s CarpetsPlus

I love this group. I love being part of a business family. I love knowing that I can call on any other owner anywhere in the country and they are willing to help.

EricCarpetsPlus of Wyoming

When we installed our new CarpetsPlus COLORTILE sign we saw a dynamic increase in consumer traffic. It was almost like changing from a no-name restaurant to a McDonald’s® overnight. Our parking lot is always full.

TonyBixby Plaza CarpetsPlus COLORTILE

The benefits, best practices and synergies we receive from working with each other at our Summits and Conventions are immeasurable. Joining was the best business decision that I have made, period.

GaryCarpet Collection

I joined CarpetsPlus because they give us the tools to succeed as a large or a small store.

StaceySP Flooring & Design

The negotiated pricing, rebates and private labeling helped us immediately pickup 2-3% in gross profit. We also appreciate the freedom to choose what we want in our showroom. Nothing is mandated.

DonLake Interiors

This group gives you the opportunity to have a competitive edge when going against the box stores and local competition. The exclusive product line not offered to anyone else helps us protect our bottom line.

Todd3 Kings Flooring

We joined CarpetsPlus for the menu of business benefits and received so many additional peripheral things that we didn’t realize we even needed or wanted. The networking and camaraderie are amazing.

BobBob & Pete’s Floors

Networking is one of the biggest factors of why I’m a member. There are so many people out there far smarter than me running their business who I’m fortunate to interact with at our Conventions and Summits.

MarkFloor Craft

Over the years as software and social media were undergoing rapid changes, I suddenly had an increased dependency on the collective talent at Alliance Flooring. With all the help they have to give me – I’m staying right here and would encourage others to join as well.

MichaelCarpetsPlus of Wisconsin

CarpetsPlus continues to provide outstanding value for its members. We couldn’t possibly merchandise our floor this efficiently without their cost-saving, yet great looking sample vehicles.

MikeKaren’s Advance Floors