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Chattanooga, TN — 5/15/23 — Alliance Flooring launched Perfect Home, at its recent convention in Austin, TX, its largest and most ambitious merchandising and technology program launch in the company’s history. Alliance Flooring dealers quickly embraced Perfect Home, seeing it as the ideal selling solution to reach the next generation of flooring customers. The initial program run sold out immediately.

Ryan Dunn and Kevin Logue on stage at the 2023 Alliance Flooring Convention in Austin, TX

Kevin Logue, Alliance Flooring’s co-President and CEO, said that they wanted an improved way to reach the younger demographic of shoppers coming into the marketplace, “Younger consumers care more about color, style and performance attributes. We wanted to create a unique and memorable user experience through technology that is seamless from online to instore — it’s all about experience.”

Perfect Home is a curated collection of select products from multiple mills with a focus on colors, visuals, warranties and performance attributes. The system for carpet will debut this fall. The hard surface portion is scheduled to launch in early 2024.

The origin of Perfect Home has been in the works for awhile according to Logue. He noted, “A lot of the core ideas of Perfect Home are things Ryan and I have been talking about for years but as we started looking at where the industry was headed and what the real needs of our members were, we came up with the concept. The feedback I got from some of our key suppliers was overwhelmingly positive so we began work on the branding and merchandising concepts. We then took it to the CarpetsPlus and Carpetland Buying Committees and they helped make it even better.”

Some key elements of Perfect Home:

  • New website with room visualizer from Roomvo and enhanced SEO and lead capture
  • In-store digital kiosk with ability to visualize customer selections in their own room
  • SamplesApp—designed to solve the challenge of checking samples in and out
  • Interactive Design Consultant, or IDC, is exclusive to the flooring industry for Perfect Home members. With IDC consumers are guided through the flooring selection process by a designer who recommends products based on the customer’s design preferences and needs. The matching products can be seen in the room visualizer and saved for an in-store visit.

The Perfect Home digital kiosk will help customers envision their choices.

Dunn also said that the Perfect Home technology bridges the gap between the digital and in-store experience. “Customers spend about twice as long on a site when they engage with Roomvo and look at an average of 20-25 products before they actually come into a showroom. And with IDC they can drill down based on their actual needs. So they have a good idea of what they want to see when they do visit the store.”

“I talked with a few members who said this is exactly what I need.” said Dunn. “They saw things I hadn’t thought about like using the IDC as a training tool. It’s a great way to enhance and complement what RSAs do everyday.”

Logue summed up the new program this way, “With Perfect Home, we feel like we’re keeping members ahead of the curve in terms of product, design and technology and giving them the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing market.”