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Chattanooga, TN — 4/6/23  Alliance Flooring has partnered with Roomvo, the leading visualization tool in the interior design space, to provide their membership with visualization tools, custom websites, lead capture, and their brand new, in-store digital kiosk.

“Roomvo helps provide a more seamless and streamlined shopping experience. Providing this technology to our members will ensure that they have access to some of the best online and in-store marketing and retail tools available. Members asked for this technology, and we delivered it. We’re very happy to partner with Roomvo to help our members stand out in their markets,” said Kevin Logue, Alliance Flooring’s Co-President and CEO.

“Helping flooring retailers create exceptional shopping experiences is a core focus for us at Roomvo,” says Pawel Rasjzel, Founder & CEO, Leap Tools. “That’s why we’re excited about our partnership with Alliance Flooring. With technology at the core of the new Perfect Home program, we’re looking forward to working with members to truly elevate the in-store shopping experience using our suite of tools.”

David Ellis, Director of Marketing for Alliance Flooring, added, “Roomvo bridges the gap between the digital and in-store experience. Customers spend about twice as long on a site with Roomvo and look at an average of 20-25 products before they come into a showroom. So, they have a good idea of what they want to see when they do visit the store.”

In addition to the product catalog and visualizer technology, Alliance Flooring said Roomvo will also provide websites to members through a program called WebPro+. Reid Waxman, Sr. Manager with Roomvo, said, “One of our most popular products for retailers today is our Roomvo Sites. We’re excited to work with the Alliance Flooring team to create exclusive templates for members that will be designed to elevate their online presence to new levels. Our SEO-optimized websites empower retailers to take advantage of our other built-in tech, such as the visualizer, lead capture capabilities and so much more.”

Waxman added that Roomvo’s new digital kiosk is also a powerful sales tool that RSAs can use to create an immersive and engaging shopping experience for customers in the showroom. “When using the kiosk, customers can either browse the full catalog or scan QR codes on products to create their own curated list of favorites. From there, customers can upload a picture of their own room to see products brought to life in their space, instantly. This whole experience takes place on a massive touch screen kiosk, making it the ultimate closing tool.”

Brandon Shidlowski, Sr. Director of Strategy at Roomvo, summed up the partnership like this, “As a new vendor, it was clear from the get-go that Alliance Flooring has fostered a family amongst its members. Attendees at the recent AFI convention in Austin were incredibly engaged and eager to learn about new ways to leverage technology in their showrooms. We can’t wait to carry the momentum forward with this exciting new partnership.”