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Chattanooga, TN — 7/14/20 Alliance Flooring announces its first ever virtual buying and networking event that kicks off on July 27. The two-week online event, called Connect 2020, will virtually bring together members and suppliers for networking, training and buying to prepare them for the upcoming selling season. Content will be delivered in pre-produced videos presented in an “on-demand” format.

The event will feature daily supplier special buys and product training. In addition, members will be able to watch an impressive lineup of educational seminars and industry speakers discussing topics relevant to today’s changing market. Best Practices sessions will feature content provided by Alliance Flooring members designed to help other members improve their businesses and educate staff.

“To help our members navigate this challenging retail environment, we have developed a virtual buying and networking event built on a web-based platform. We have adapted our approach to meetings and events, offering the opportunity for our members and suppliers to connect with one another virtually. The sharing of resources and best practices between our members is an invaluable feature of our group and Connect 2020 will be a perfect venue for this,” Alliance Flooring’s EVP of Marketing Kevin Logue said.

Alliance Flooring members are known for freely sharing business best practices and operational information with each other to improve the group’s performance as a whole. This virtual event is a perfect way for a member’s entire staff to learn and participate in a way not possible before.

“We have become so accustomed to viewing video content through online streaming platforms, it is a logical next step for us to begin providing this type of interface to our members as a tool for education and communication,” Logue added.

The virtual event is free to all CarpetsPlus, Carpetland and Floorco members.